Never thought before that the word “Kuchh Nahin” (Nothing) has so much of essence in itself. But after watching “Hum dil de chuke sanam ” I felt it. Here goes the scene in which vanraj (Ajay Devgan) said nothing (“kuchh nahin” ) to his wife (Nandini) but his “kuchh nahin” contained so much of emotions that it beats all the expressions. Perfect example of repleteness being lost in the void.

( Basically in this movie vanraj is the husband who on realizing the love of his wedded wife Nandini, decides to sacrifice his love for nandini and takes her to her true love who is now back in Italy. Vanraj loves nandini madly while nandini is mad in the love of sameer (salman khan). A love triangle. )

In this scene, Vanraj is drunk and he along with nandini just now returned from a place in italy where they went to find nandini’s love sameer but he didn’t come. In the mean time circumstances evolved in which they had to dance together. After that when they were returning back to their hotels, this scene took place.

So the scene is as follows:

Vanraj : Jaanti ho.. tum bahut achchha naachti ho, Aaj bahut maja aaya. Lekin main bhi bahut achchha naachta hun..haan..naachta hun ki nahin ?”

Nandini : haan

Varnraj : Lekin kya main tumse eak baat kahun

Nandini : Haan

Vanraj (heavy hearts) : Kuchh Nahin

uru ru ru ru ( vanraj yells as if trying hard to release all his pains but simultaneously not letting aneone know how much he is pining )

Vanraj : U know main usse mila, bahut achchha hai woh, Hamesha khush rakhega tumhe,shayad mujhse jyada,..hmm..shayad nahin..mujhse jyada khush rakhega woh tumhein.

Lekin eak baat kahun..

Nandini : kya

Vanraj : Kuchh nahin.

Vanraj : You know jab tum chali jaaogi, I will be a happy man. Milne aaonga main tumse, bahut khushi hogi mujhe tum logon se milke, hey ..come here .. come bridge se pukarunga main tumhein..nandini (echo)..nandini(echo)
Meri aawaz pahchanogi na tum ?? Pahchanogi na tum ?

Tum jarur pahchanogi ..hey come on..come on..eak hath chuno..

Vanraj offers closed metacarpuses of his both hands and asks nandini to chose one. She chooses one and then vanraj breaks out,” Main hamesha se jaanta tha ki sameer tumhara hoga. Agar tum yeh haath bhi chunati na, tab bhi sameer tumhara hota.”
Lekin eak baat kahun ..kuchh nahin.

In the end , as the imdb tagline says, this movie shows that In this world… where desire rules the heart, you will discover… love is the flame that lights up the soul.