Till few days back, if you would have asked me about “Harshad Mehta”, I would have told you that he was a baddie. I would have told that he was involved in crores of scam related to stock market and shares. He amassed huge wealth at the cost of national interest etc.

Because this is what being shown by media at the time when harshad mehta was arrested.

Now if you also think on the similar lines, this movie will be an eye opener for you. It will show you a different perspective of what media showed it to us.


In Gafla, debutant director sameer hanchante tried to provide a different perspective of the harshad mehta scam. Though, the film claims that it is purely fictional, but once you start watching it, you can easily correlate it with what happened some 16 years back.

The movie tells the story of a middle class man who wants to step out of the box and make it big. He does achieve success at first but then becomes a victim of the scam only to return as the daredevil and stake everything in it all over again.

The movie is worth watching.

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