This sunday, I went for a team outing ( probably my last one@deloitte ) at pragati resort.

It was full of fun and i enjoyed a lot.

Here are some of the snaps…( still more to come )

Welcome to Pragati Resort

Pragati Resort 3.jpg

Kwak Kwak Batalians

Ducks are lucky,
Don’t you think?
When they want to
Take a drink,
All they do is
Duck their bill.
(Doesn’t matter
If they spill.)
When they want to
Take a swim,
All they do is
Dive right in;
And they never
Seem to sink.
Ducks are lucky,
Don’t you think?

Started with a breakfast

Time for volleyball!!
you pass,
you set,
you spike,
you scream with all your might,
you fight,
you cry,
you get back up,
and then its over,


Loose net…sukhjinder trying to tie it

Where is the ball ?

The spike, the serve it’s all intense
will i be needed to bump for defense.
An overhand serve or a spike or a set
All need to have power to go over the net.
Save with a dig so no points will be lost,
the other team needs to know who is boss.

A box of blue
With water in.
It calls to you.
The fun begin.

Too much of fun

say cheese

We all were tired..but no body was willing to come out of the water.

The Ice-cream was good.

Tired us

Bye Bye Pragati Resort