I tried to recall when was the last time when I saw the sunrise. I couldnot recall when i saw the sunrise last. 😦

Day before yesterday, I started reading R K Narayan’s “The english teacher”. There after few pages only the author gave a vivid and poetic description of the moment when the first ray of the sun embraces the earth. Merely reading it filled my heart with such a glow of joy that i decided that i will see tomorrow’s sunrise.

I thought, if i go to bed ( even early ) , the chances are rare for me to get up before the sunrise. So the best solution that clicked in my mind was not to sleep till the sunrise.

I played age, read blogs of my friends, read almost all the articles@cricinfo.com to keep myself awake and alive.

And finally the moment arrived. I was standing near the window, when the sun started to conquer the darkness. I cannot describe that moment. To live the moment more, I went onto the roof and standing there i really felt exactly same as the words of R K Narayan described in “The English teacher”.

There was something in the deliberate effort , and the hour and the air, and surroundings…
Nature nature , all our poets repeat till they are hoarse. There are subtle, invisible emanations in nature’s
surroundings: with them the deepest in us merges and harmonizes. I think it is the highest form of joy and peace one can comprehend.

Also it reminded me of a poem by “jacqui thornton

The grey begins to fade,

As colour creeps from leaf to limb.

The light is slowly seeping up,

From beneath the earth’s curved rim.

                        The sky blue strengthens slowly,

                        Glazed with hues of orange and red.

                        Slowly as the earth revolves,

                        The sun lifts up it’s head.

Colours shimmer in the light

And shapes begin to unveil.

The trees and flowers separate,

With the dawn light rosy and pale.

                        The sun climbs higher in the sky.

                        It’s light shimmering and warm.

                        All things now are clearly seen.

                        A new day has been born.