Though it was planned but i forgot it completely. We ( pranav,gaurav,sukhjinder,dharmendra and myself) had decided to enjoy the sunday evening together at BASERA. Pranav had told us that there used to be gazal nites there and we can enjoy our dinner, booze till we forget everything and simultaneously listen to gazals.

I reached the meeting spot around half an hour late, and along with the entire gang reached BASERA. The gazal nite was good, the food was better but the best part was RUM which we had.

It was for the first time when i took RUM and after three pegs, earth started revolving around me. I was feeling the kick. Dharmendra was totally out but we enjoyed a lot. The singer had not in his memory or his books many Ghulam Ali gazals which we requested so we felt sad but overall it was a night full of masti and fun.