Gone are the days, when i used to play 10-12 hours of AOC. Even if no body is there, i knew that at least spartan will be there to play with me. Those were the golden days of my life@IIIT.

Today got the chance to revive that feeling. We reached IIIT and we saw many agers right there. Thanks to vidit who arranged systems for us to play the game.

The game started. I was not playing at my best. Had a tough time in the game :(. No doubt that was obvious as HELL was in the opposite team, but i know that i cud play better. We lost.

Then we played the second game. I was at the corner. Still not playing at my best. But somehow was able to manage. Till the last few minutes, was lagging behind “SPACE” and “HELL” but since i started raiding “THEDA’s” house with champs and hussars, my scores increased in an exponential manner and when everyone resigned, much to the SPACE’s surprise I was having second highest score.

But honestly speaking space and hell played pivotal role for the victory which we enjoyed. Khare too played extremely well in the begining but somehow lost his concentration in between.