February 2006

When i checked my mail in the afternoon, I was shocked to see 27 mails .. those too having discussion about me ..

Kunal,utkarsh,poppy and rocky, they all were mailing in volumes about me and i had no idea till then. [:(]

It all started with a mail forwarded by kunal with the subject line as “Windows in Hindi” and the flood of mails thereafter flowed like anything. It continued till 61 mails hitherto. My contribution was 19 out of 61.


It is very difficult to resign from a company..and the most difficult part is telling your manager that you want to quit.

When I told my EM about me quiting the job, he told,

Pankaj, as a EM of this team, I really feel very sad to lose a person like you. But at the same time, I am really happy for you as you are going for a job you always wanted. Here all the managers, were really very happy with the class of work you delivered and though it is immaterial at this point and you might not be knowing this but the fact is that when Dough lartner ( one of the directors of deloitte) came to India, from each team of our practice one name was being sent to him for excellence awards and from this team, your name was being forwarded.

Anyways best of luck for your career ahead.

I cannot tell you how difficult those moments were for me.

But aneways, written below is my first resignation letter.

Hi [EM’s Name]

I am writing to you today to officially tender my resignation from Deloitte Consulting PVT. India Ltd.

I never thought I would ever leave a company like Deloitte, but when the opportunity arose to get into Microsoft,
which has always been a dream for me, I simply had to take advantage of it.
I also want to confess that past eight months were a great learning experience for me. It was my first job and I learnt a lot.

But as the saying goes “every good thing comes to an end”, so are my stay at deloitte.


After last saturday’s game, i was feeling like playing more multiplayer games. So with kunal went to IIIT. There we played two games and i was feeling like, i am regaining my touch. I won both the games.

Afterwards, it was vidit’s party at ohri’s which rocked the night. The food was excellent and the crowd was awesome. There I saw many seen faces from deloitte also.

Met with Nippo and jayram after a long time, and heard the good news that jaya’s bro has got into Mc Kinsey.

Before that in the evening, utkarsh lost his second mobile too. How ? dont ask me ….its a looong  and a very interesting story … better ask utkarsh.

Though it was planned but i forgot it completely. We ( pranav,gaurav,sukhjinder,dharmendra and myself) had decided to enjoy the sunday evening together at BASERA. Pranav had told us that there used to be gazal nites there and we can enjoy our dinner, booze till we forget everything and simultaneously listen to gazals.

I reached the meeting spot around half an hour late, and along with the entire gang reached BASERA. The gazal nite was good, the food was better but the best part was RUM which we had.

It was for the first time when i took RUM and after three pegs, earth started revolving around me. I was feeling the kick. Dharmendra was totally out but we enjoyed a lot. The singer had not in his memory or his books many Ghulam Ali gazals which we requested so we felt sad but overall it was a night full of masti and fun.

Gone are the days, when i used to play 10-12 hours of AOC. Even if no body is there, i knew that at least spartan will be there to play with me. Those were the golden days of my life@IIIT.

Today got the chance to revive that feeling. We reached IIIT and we saw many agers right there. Thanks to vidit who arranged systems for us to play the game.

The game started. I was not playing at my best. Had a tough time in the game :(. No doubt that was obvious as HELL was in the opposite team, but i know that i cud play better. We lost.

Then we played the second game. I was at the corner. Still not playing at my best. But somehow was able to manage. Till the last few minutes, was lagging behind “SPACE” and “HELL” but since i started raiding “THEDA’s” house with champs and hussars, my scores increased in an exponential manner and when everyone resigned, much to the SPACE’s surprise I was having second highest score.

But honestly speaking space and hell played pivotal role for the victory which we enjoyed. Khare too played extremely well in the begining but somehow lost his concentration in between.

The only thing about 14th feb which i had in my memory was “It is valentine’s day”. What else can one expect a single guy without his valentine to remember ?

But it was gaurav who reminded me that it was our manager’s b’day too. Oh !! everyone had already wished him and I forgot.

I went to his cubicle and wished him happy returns of the day and asked for the treat. To our sheer surprise he agreed to give that day only. We knew that he might give us on weekends but then and there he told, he had brought his FORD .. so we can go for some movie.

Movie….I hadnot watched “Rang de basanti” i thought…same sort of thinking started roaming in sukhjiner’s mind too..and to our surprise pranav was also thinking on the same lines.

So we set out for IMAX at around 9:15 from the office. When we reached IMAX, seeing the crowd we never expected we will be getting the tickets. But thanks to gaurav and sukhjinder, we managed to get one.

Still 15 min for movie to start..and we were hungry…what to do…someone suggested,”Let’s get the burger packed and take along with us in the theater”. The idea seemed nice and we followed the same.

About the movie, I read its reviews in almost every other blog. And I was really thinking that i am going to see this movie after having so much of expectations. So quite possibly i might not be able to rank it as per its worth.

But honestly speaking, the movie stirred me from the core of my heart and it really deserved those posts and many more..The way the story was depicted, the way the bleding was done between the past heroes and the today’s youths, the only word which comes to my mind to describe it is “Marvelous”.

After watching the movie, while returning, luckily saw on deloitte cab. We then showed our deloitte ID and  since the cab was going back to office, the cab driver dropped me in madhapur.

Expecting the offer letter from microsoft since 6th of Feb. Still didnt get onme :(. It seems as if years have passed.

Some-one has rightly said..”Intezaar bahut kashtadayak hota hai” ( Waiting is always very painful) but in the same time considering the sayings “Dhairya ka phal meetha hota hai” (Patience pays), i tell it to myself not to think too much about the offer letter

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