We went to this movie yesterday. Before watching this movie, i never dreamt of it to have boxing in it.

But even though, this movie had lots of boxing in it, its not just a boxing movie..rather it is the story of a middle-aged boxer with three kids at home and a wife he forever loved, and his struggle through tough financial conditions in a society that had played hard on him. It is the  story of his struggle for his family.
It is the story of a husband who in order to sustain his family worked furiously on a dock without even caring for his broken hand.
It is the story of a father who had to sacrifice all his pride and beg for just 20 dollors to bring back his kids back his home.

Unbelievable..but its true ..
Ya..It is the story of Jimmy Braddock…the very famous Jimmy Braddock a heavy weight champion of yester years.

Before watchin this movie, i had no idea who this Jimmy Braddock was and the only boxing movie which i enjoyed till now was ROCKY and the only boxer i knew was Mohd. Ali. And after watchin this movie, I can safely say that CINDERELLA MAN had easily knocked ROCKY out in the first round itself.

Performance wise, Russel Crowe as Braddock was fabulous as ever..he seemed completely into the character of Jimmy Braddock.

I clearly remember, in the begining of the movie when his licence to box was taken away and when he returned home,he didnot utter even a single word but his silence spelled all his plights…his disappointments that he couldnot do for his family.

The scene where Crowe as Braddock with hat in hand and tears in his eyes, was begging for twenty dollars so that he could get his children back into his home, was the one which can make even the strongest heart on this earth melt.

The acting of braddock’s wife and his coach were also awesome.

The direction was ultimate.

My Rating : *****/*****