This year’s R&D showcase was not as iridescent as was last year’s. The number of phrenic audiences were very less this time. Mostly the crowd consisted of second or third year students from various engineering colleges. Only a few representatives from the industry showed the interest this time.

Initially i didn’t want to put my projects for the showcase as i was not sure whether i will be able to complete the project or not. But somehow we were able to complete the things well in time.

During the showcase, when kamal sir came to see our project, i became damn nervous. I didnt know what i was saying. Kamal sir was asking me something and i was replying some other thing. But the good point was that kamal sir understood what we had done and he also shared his views about stream mining with us. His cogent comments on our project was really inspiring. Satya and ravi also shared what they felt about our project. It was really a great feeling when they appreciated our efforts and motivated us.

In CDE, Projects like Reckless, Indic,Robosoccer, arimaa, robosoccer rescue, indian movie recommendation system or agrids were not new for me as i was aware of the work going on in these. But the project which i liked the most was Rishi’s new algorithm for classification ‘ACME’. It was not an entirely new approach but an improvement or polishing over apriori which transmogrified the ‘2^n’ complex problem to the order of ‘n’.