Really a cool article found on chandramouli sir’s blog. (For those who doesnt know him he was our super super senior)

Lady villains

Women are the root of all trouble and this is by nature’s design..
Here’s how:

Malaria is caused by – female anopheles mosquito
Filaria is caused by – female culex mosquito
Cholera is caused by – female house fly ( check this.. but I am sure it would be a female there also )

I know a childhood friend of mine who wanted to visit North India during his summer vacation.. He made mega plans to visit Delhi, Agra and the hillstations in simla. But alas, he got stuck by malaria and couldn’t continue his plans.. His heart was broken and he was sad for many days before he was back to normal. The heart breaker ofcourse was – the female anopheles mosquito!

Even among bees, the queen bee is the ruthless dictator.. Once the men are used for their reproductive capabilities .. they are captivated and even murdered by the female bees… utter violation of bee rights !

Similar story with snakes.. we always hear of the female snakes – ‘naagini’s taking revenge on innocent humans who might have killed the male snakes for their self – defence. The female race is full of vengeance, jealousy, greed.

And .. when it comes to human beings.. I prefer remaining silent.. you can imagine if the females of such low intelligent species as bees, ants, snakes could do achieve so much.. what the human females are capable of. Extrapolate it yourself..