An awesome romantic comedy.

Before watching this movie I read its review which goes on as follows:

If empty calories are clogging your movie-going arteries, MY SASSY GIRL will zap you with the defibrillator, scrape the plaque out of your aorta, and send you on your way with a big, fat, grin plastered across your ever-loving mug..

After reading it, my reaction was that the reviewer is having a marvelous vocabulary. I never thought that the movie could also be better. But after watching the movie i wanted to say that even the reviewer’s vast vocabulary fails to describe the romantic ambience created by this movie. This movie is really different. It will stir you from the bottom of your heart. It’s the kind of movie where “Wanna die?” means, “I love you.”

This movie is all about a young, charming but single college guy Gyeon-woo and his sassy girl who for the entire first half looks to be a nuclear mix of creepiness, good looks but unusual manners.She seems to be a hard-drinking chick who can only express herself through physically assaulting strangers, slinging insults and passing out.But this guy feels that somewhere down the corner in the heart of this beautiful young lady is hidden a lots of pain and sorrow. He wants to cure her pain. He doesnt know what grief she is having but still he wants to steal all her tears from her. So he starts doing whatever she likes him to do. He starts drinking coffee inspite of coke whenever he is with her, he accepts her dominance and succumbs to all her demands, if she hits him, he tries to show as if it hurts and if it hurts he tries to show it doesnt. When her feet hurts, he exchanges shoes with her and wears her heel. On their 100th day , he gives her a rose in front of her entire class. He goes to prison couple of times also for her’s sake. He reads her scripts which she calls her synopses and tries to encourage her. In a nutshell,he starts loving her.
As i mentioned earlier, for the entire first half the girl is shown as a tough soul but the mystery behind her toughness starts unrolling during the last part of the movie.I am not going to disclose them here but yeah !! I certainly want to quote some of the best scenes of the movie. For example:

when the Gyeon told ten things about the girl to the person with whom she was having blind date
when the girl sent Gyeon to the top of the hill and confesses that she thought she was different but she was just another HELPLESS girl
When she was told by the old man that the tree which she felt as if preserving the secrets of her love, died one year before and the new but exactly similar tree was being planted by none other than her lover because she might feel sad about the demise of what (that tree) she felt as if having an important place in her life.
All the coincidences which showed them being so near to each other but still unable to locate each other.

In the end I will reiterate that if you believe in love it is a movie which you will definitely appreciate.

And ya !! how can i forget to mention the last line of the movie “Fate is building a bridge of chance for your love”..if you want to understand what it means, then go and watch the movie.