Day before yesterday I saw Black. Ever since i saw this movie i could not stop my self from thinking about its story. It was really “THE” movie i have ever seen. Kudos to Sanjay Leela bhansali for giving us this awesome movie.

Now something about the movie.

I think each and every moments of the movie was dipped with a new philosophy of life. A philosophy which even words cannot adore. I dont know whether saying it a philosophy would be correct or not because the passion of Mr sahay to teach her pupil and make her earn a respectable place in the society, the innocent desire of miss Mitchell to graduate inspite of all the physical liablities owned, the immense love of mitchell’s parents especially her mother for her..all these are vague enough to go beyond the boundaries of philosophy but yet they are close to heart. You cannot understand them but definitely you can feel them.You can feel happiness, sorrow but cannot explain similarly you can feel the darkness inside and around all of us.

Darkness !! yeah Darkness but what is this darkness ? Does it really exist or is it not even real ?? I pondered and then answer came to me instantaneously.Lack of everything is this is a void..a sense of emptiness…calling it BLACK can be sensible as BLACK is also the lack of all the colors. This movie shows us that the real meaning of life is not to be afraid of this darkness but to explore it to find the rays of light which can enlighten our life.Life ..sometimes i think..what is this life without light ? without words ? How helpless a man is without “words” ? And then i thank god for giving me all the senses.

This movie is all about a girl Miss michell and her teacher Debaraj sahai.Miss michelle was a girl who was blind and deaf. But she COULD speak. But how could she speak as she never heard someone speaking. Then came Mr Sahay, a teacher who changed her life. Mr sahay brought meaning to her life. Before him, she was just an entity.. without any meaning of her existence. She had feelings but she couldnot explain them. She feels the difference between spoon and napkin but cannot point it. Mr sahay made her point this difference. Mr sahay made her speak the first word “MAMA” and “PAPA” out of her vocal cord which was nothing less than a miracle.
I thought how would it feel to pronounce a word which you cannot hear,a word which to me has no significance as i dont know whether i am speaking right or wrong or even my efforts of speaking results some output in terms of voice or not.
This was just the beginning. Then Mr sahay became an integral part of the life of Mitchell and her family. Mr sahay had a dream .. a dream to see mitchell be in the black graduation robe. It took 20 long years for her to achieve this dream. But by then a lots of things have changed. Her teacher had left him in the middle of her journey of life because Mr sahay himself had forgotten the meaning of his existence.
He fell prey to the Alzheimer’s disease which erased all his memories . Now mitchell has a dream .. a dream to bring back her teacher to the world in which her teacher brought her long time back.

At the end of this movie my hands automatically start clapping.I dont know how many tears i shed off while watching the movie but yeah !! i wanna say that if you are sensible, you cannot dislike this movie. This movie is really “Dil se”.

Regarding acting, I think amitabh is really a god. Saying anything about him would be as if showing candles to the sun. Rani mukherjee was also awesome. She once again proved that she is the best among the contemprory actresses in the industry.But the real surprise was the kid mitchell. The girl (Ayesha) was mindblowing. She seemed as if she was born for this role. I think she did the best job.