On 26th jan , while sitting in front of my computer, suddenly an idea popped up in my mind that why shouldnt we have a group blog. Utkarsh, rakesh and puspendra was there and they all agreed to the idea. The impetus was to have a common blog where we all can share whatever things are related to us. Then a blog login is created. Then the problem was what name should we chose for the URL. Parivesh suggested, ” why not take the initials of all of us ?” I told there are 4 p’s so it becomes P4. Then all of a sudden utkarsh suggests, “It becomes P4 RUNS !!”
Wow !! good name.
And this way our group blog was created, solely dedicated to Rakesh,Utkarsh,Puspendra,parivesh,pankaj,sunil and nirnimesh.
To see the blog, click here