Ya !! This is my last year in the college and i havent attended even a single republic day celebration in my last 3 years of stay @ college.
Unbelievable !! isn’t it ?
Anyways !! my personal plan was to skip this years celebration also but just one night before someone sent a mail stating that we shud attend this years celebration for the sake of our batch and stuff like that. Really speaking i hate such kind of emotional stuffs..I have the deepest regards for my batch and batchmates and i dont need any get together sort of things to prove my feelings. Aneways i went there just because tintin did a lot of hardwork to wake me up. So i didnt want to make him feel that his hardwork went in vain ;).
Ok !! i was eagerly waiting for the programs. But while watching the programs i really felt that it was the worst ever program i have ever seen in my life. Even in our school where we, students of 9,10,+1 and +2 organise these things, they used to be much much better than this. The speech seemed like someone TRYING to give extempore and struggling with the words.Then again a speech was presented which tried to deal with the significance of Republic Day.I really dont want to comment on that because that speech itself didnt bear any significance.The choice of song could have been much better.But the worst part was yet to come..The significance of national anthem. That was really disgusting. These guyz really didnot have the sense as what to speak and when to speak.
I know that it is always easier to find fault with something and we should appreciate the participants. No doubt they are worthy of getting praise for presenting at least something but to me it seems that nothing presented would have been far better than whatever was being presented.
I was also hoping that at least GovindRajulu sir will speak something to stir the very feeling of patriotism ( do u all have it 😉 ) inside us but his speech was also a dull one. Really when govindrajulu sir speaks, a grandfather’s touch is being reflected and i love that feeling.
Aneways, i became so much frustu after the program that i went to hostel and played non-stop age so that i can atleast forget whatever i have seen.