Shimla trip Plan : We have to break our journey to kanpur where many of our friends along with our guide and host for shimla ie sunil will join us and then from there we will go to delhi. After that we will hire two quallis. Then we will go to chandigarh where we will take sunil’s yonger brother sushil who studies there. Then we will set out to shimla..the queen of hills.

Now i will start my story

13th Dec : Night

We all are very excited. Yahoo !! Tomorrow we are going on a journey to shimla. Also our tickets got confirmed (Thanks to Imran). But the night seems longer than ever.( kambakht raat khatm hi nahin ho rahi thi ). With hearts pumping with joy and eyes blinking with so many dreams, i go to sleep.

14th Dec : Early in the morning

Knock Knock
Ketan is on the door, yelling it’s already 6:00.
O My god, i havent even packed my luggage. I tell him …just 10 min i will be ready. Fast pankaj…Fast.., i say to myself and start packing my cloths in haphazard manner.Within the next 5 min, I am ready (though i didnt take bath but still i was extra-ordinarily fast). The auto arrives. Everybody outta there (Manoj, darbari and others )waves us and wishes for our happy journey. We set out for the station.
As soon as we reach the station, we hear an anouncement and then…then….then..dont ask. It seems as if someone has hammered our small soft beautiful ( dont remember much adjectives ) dream.
Really zor ka jhataka bahut Zor se laga. The train is late by 18 HOURS.
O My god !!! what to do next ? Now I start cursing the railway department a lot.

Plan changed:

Now we wont go to kanpur we will go to delhi directly by AP express.
Utkarsh and Aditya goes for taking the tickets for AP express for tomorros.
Then with heavy hearts we again come back to IIIT , where everybody is laughing on our luck..whoever meets us asks ..

arrey tu shimla nahin gaya kya ?? Achchha Achchha train late thi kya ??
Hamare dil mein aag lagi thi aur log usmein ghee daal rahe the..par kya karein hamari kismat hi thi kharab.

Anyways after we come, utkarsh ask me what will i do ? i say i will play age ..will you ??yeah..create says utkarsh. I create age server and utkarsh joins. ( The best example of a “Shishya” ie me playing with his “Guru” ie utkarsh..utkarsh taught me to play age in my 3rd year).But I know that utkarsh is out of practice so it is easy for me to post a good challenge. Actually it is my strategy that offence is the best i start attacking him with archers, pikes and onagers. I makes a lots of archers and pikes and utkarsh has initially knights but he switches to lots and lots of pikes and skirms.Then he builds two castles at home. I cannot do anething now. So i go for imperial.He also goes for imperial. Then he comes up with 4 trebs and start destroying my castle and military buildings near his house.I am afraid now and fear that i will loose the game.His skirms only are sufficient to kill my both the units ie archers and pikes. I come back from his area and build lots of barracks and produce lots of champs and through back door sends it to utkarsh’s home..and that is the turning point of the game..utkarsh flees away from there and the game now is in my hand..i creates more and more champs..All of a sudden i saw some arblasts of utkarsh..i was afraid as i have champs only now and he has arblasts..but i move my champs towards his arblasts and to my surprise utkarsh hasnt done any research and i kills all arblasts and he resigns.

yeah !! at least one sign of relief..what happens if luck cheated me in my real life ( by making my train late) , i win a game against utkarsh..thats a satisfaction.

In the evening we go for some marketting where i buy a jacket and some woolen cloths. Parivesh and Google goes for cancelling the tickets of the train which was late.
Next morning we set out for delhi on AP Express ( Thank god it was on time ).