16th december:

We reach delhi. Outside the station everybody is wating for us to move on towards one of the most ( though it is my first with my friends ) memorable journeys of our college life. Everybody there is wishing that it would have been real fun if popy and darbari were here.
Anyways we start our journey. Mission shimla starts now .Withing half an hour we are nearly out of delhi towards chandigarh. On the car in which i was sitting we have apart from me, parivesh, manjeet, amal, ketan, google and chandu. Google suggests to have an antakshari session. Why not … says parivesh. Amal suggests myself, parivesh and manjeet to be in one team and rest in other. Wow !! that’s what i want..I whisper to myself..parivesh sings melodiously and like parivesh manjeet also knows lots and lots of songs. Antakshari is going really very nice and each of us are playing in a mood to do lots of masti and not with a spirit of defeating someone or things like that.
We stop at a place somewhere near the border of haryana to have our lunch. So much of greeneries are around that place. Charpayee is laying there as if inviting us to take rest. That place really reminds me of my village. Naustalgic feelings start popping up in my head. Really it is a long time back when i visited my village last. It is almost 12 years now when i last visited my village. Pankaj .. come out of past and enjoy the present..my brain vociferated.yeah..if so much fun is there why to sneak into past..After lunch we have some photo sessions and then we take rest for some time on the charpayee there.
Then we again move onto our next destination ie chandigarh where we have to pick up sushil (sunil’s brother). We reach chandigarh sector 17 c in the evening. About this place it is called that it is the face of chandigarh. So we also start looking at the face of chandigarh. Everybody was enjoying ( watching the girls of course ) at the Mall of this sector 17-c. I really think that at this place girls come to only show off and boys come to see the girls. Really I cannot find even a single girl who has innocence on her face.
Everybody seems enjoying the place a lot. Google buys a camera here. Parivesh buys a mouth organ. And I buy a novel “The Dragon Fire” . Its really a very good novel about which i came to know when i was in 1st year. Ever since then i thought of buying it but couldnot buy it for some or other reasons. So as soon as i see this novel in “capital book depot” there, I decide to buy it. After buying the book, when i return, i see a young guy standing near sunil. Face looks similar to sunil..but seems elder to sunil..is he sunil’s younger brother ?? strugling with such questions as soon as i reach there sunil introduces him..meet my younger brother sushil. Then parry asks, ” Isn’t he smarter than sunil.” Yeah definitely i promptly reply. Then sunil and sushil books a hotel and after roaming little more we go to the hotel and take rests. Next morning we have to start early.

17th morning:

we are ready to go to shimla. After coming out of chandigarh, we are now seeing the glimpse of hills. The ridges seems calling us to embrace it. We stop at a place..i really dont remember the name..probably timberlake..is the place near solan..
There is a ropeway there for going from one peak to the other. In the middle, there is very deep ditch. And the trolley,to go there, takes the pathway which seems steeper than the steep.Utkarsh seems nervous but i think he too is enjoying the whole stuffs.When we are on the trolley, we see downwards.
Wow !! what a look ..beautiful scenaries..really i am short of words to describe the beauty whose treasure is lying there.There we have som fun..we play some shots of lawn tennis also..and then we move towards Nauni ..to meet sunil’s beloved..ours to be Bhabhi ie Upasana. Parivesh is not feeling very well during the journey probably because of motion sickness. When we reach her college, i was sleeping in the car.when i board off from the car, what i see is sunil standing with upasana..really they together are looking very cute , I say to myself.
Bhagwan kare unki jodi salamat rahe.
Then we go to a dhaba outside her college to have lunch. Upasana has some exam at 2’O clock. So she has to leave. We bid her good bye and enjoy the lunch a lot.
Actually i like the mushroom a lot. Then after taking team , we move towards shimla. Now what happens in shimla is in the next blog.