January 2005

Today morning when i saw sunil’s blog, i was shocked after reading his latest blog about “The Legend of Avik Banerjee”.

How can a person be so cheap ?
I think even the word cheap is also not sufficent to describe him.

There was a comment also written there which i want to quote because i share the same feeling when i read the blog.

“Why is he only removed from the post of speaker of the parliament..he should be kicked out of the institute also and believe me after reading it i feel like kicking his ass. What a cheap bastard he is !! “


While browsing through Rakesh’s blog, I came to see it.
On the basis of his marks in the test Rakesh says he is becoming a geek.
If he is ..then me too.. as my marks are exactly same as his.

I am nerdier than 75% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Ya !! This is my last year in the college and i havent attended even a single republic day celebration in my last 3 years of stay @ college.
Unbelievable !! isn’t it ?
Anyways !! my personal plan was to skip this years celebration also but just one night before someone sent a mail stating that we shud attend this years celebration for the sake of our batch and stuff like that. Really speaking i hate such kind of emotional stuffs..I have the deepest regards for my batch and batchmates and i dont need any get together sort of things to prove my feelings. Aneways i went there just because tintin did a lot of hardwork to wake me up. So i didnt want to make him feel that his hardwork went in vain ;).
Ok !! i was eagerly waiting for the programs. But while watching the programs i really felt that it was the worst ever program i have ever seen in my life. Even in our school where we, students of 9,10,+1 and +2 organise these things, they used to be much much better than this. The speech seemed like someone TRYING to give extempore and struggling with the words.Then again a speech was presented which tried to deal with the significance of Republic Day.I really dont want to comment on that because that speech itself didnt bear any significance.The choice of song could have been much better.But the worst part was yet to come..The significance of national anthem. That was really disgusting. These guyz really didnot have the sense as what to speak and when to speak.
I know that it is always easier to find fault with something and we should appreciate the participants. No doubt they are worthy of getting praise for presenting at least something but to me it seems that nothing presented would have been far better than whatever was being presented.
I was also hoping that at least GovindRajulu sir will speak something to stir the very feeling of patriotism ( do u all have it 😉 ) inside us but his speech was also a dull one. Really when govindrajulu sir speaks, a grandfather’s touch is being reflected and i love that feeling.
Aneways, i became so much frustu after the program that i went to hostel and played non-stop age so that i can atleast forget whatever i have seen.

On 26th jan , while sitting in front of my computer, suddenly an idea popped up in my mind that why shouldnt we have a group blog. Utkarsh, rakesh and puspendra was there and they all agreed to the idea. The impetus was to have a common blog where we all can share whatever things are related to us. Then a blog login is created. Then the problem was what name should we chose for the URL. Parivesh suggested, ” why not take the initials of all of us ?” I told there are 4 p’s so it becomes P4. Then all of a sudden utkarsh suggests, “It becomes P4 RUNS !!”
Wow !! good name.
And this way our group blog was created, solely dedicated to Rakesh,Utkarsh,Puspendra,parivesh,pankaj,sunil and nirnimesh.
To see the blog, click here

i will post it later 😉

i will post it later 😉

something about shimla
Sillhouted against the dark green ranges in the shivalik hills, about 8,000 ft above the sea level, rests the queen of hills SHIMLA.It boasts of its scenic variety which ranges from the solemn forests of deodar and towering pines to green meadows of hyacinth.It is a city for the fun lovers, for the ardent admirers of nature.

17th evening
We reach shimla in the evening. The weather is cold. We book the hotel and after refreshing ourselves we again set out with sunil and sashi who introduce us with their city.We visit Mall road,scandal point, wood market etc. About Mall road, even spitting on the road is prohibited there. Utkarsh and rakesh buys locket there. And we decide to present some gifts to uncle and aunty (sunil’s dad and mom).When the time comes for chosing ane gifts, i am always in fix. There also when parivesh asks me what should we present to uncle and aunty, my mind goes in complete black out. Then all of a sudden , the shopkeeper shows us an idol of Lord ganesha. The moment we see it, we decide to take it for the present. The idol is really beautiful and the speciality of this is that it glows in the dark. After all these roamings about we go for dinner. I donot feel like eating but others say that the food is awesome.
After taking dinner we go for watching the movie “Swadesh”. The road to the theater is really amazing as it seems we are boarding of from stairs. I havent counted but probably we have crossed thousands. Parivesh sleeps in the theater while watching movie. I donot know what others feel but to me the movie was awesome. Though the movie harps on the feeling for the motherland, it avoids preaching slogans and echoing cliches.The film focuses on rural India that is under developed and struggling even to get basic amenities. This gloom scenario is depicted in the backdrop of rapid urban development, technological leaps, and the IT boom. This movie gives patriotism a new and pragmatic identity in the era of globalization.Anything about this movie will be incomplete if i dont name, serenely beautiful Gayatri Joshi. She is mindblowing in this movie. A perfect wife material ;).
Anyways after the movie we go to the hotel and go for sleep.

18th morning

We are ready for visiting other places in the shimla.

Jakhu temple:
This temple is dedicated to the Lord Hanuman, whose form is much in evidence here. Actually as soon as we reach here, a strange things happen to us. A monkey comes from nowhere and all of a sudden snatches the specs of paresh.Paresh is not able to recollect how it happens but the only thing he desperately wants is his specs back. Some person in the premise of the temple says that if we give prasad to them then the monkey will return the specs. we do the same and to our surprise as soon as we throw prasad towards the monkey, the monkey throw the specs back to us. Paresh is relieved now. Then we take the blessings of lord hanuman. From here, one can have a glorious spectacle of the sunrising over the eternal snows and a panoramic view of Shimla spread eagled below.

Then we move towards Indian Institute of Advanced studies.

Indian Institute of Advanced studies
How can we forget this place where Rakesh finds his 116 year old love for which he has been pining for years , unknown to even him. Once upon a time this multi-storeyed building was the seat of power in the politics of the country and shimla. The style of the architecture is of English renaissance as told by the guide.The woodwork is beautiful.Seeing this building kunal says that it seems similar to the Hogwart Schools of Witchcraft in the Harry potter. It was here the fates of the nations was decided, or where parties were hosted and state balls were held.

After that we move towards Kufri.

The air here is crisp and invigorating. I see yak here for the first time in my life. Kunal, aditya, google and manjeet goes for yak riding.We donot explore this place as we have to go for ranta’s house before it is too late.

After Kufri, we set out towards the ranta’s house. It is already dark and night is spreading its darkness all around. But for us, we are rocking. We start playing all sorts of games like Antakshari and dumb charades. Really if shimla team is put on one side, we are invincible in this game of dumbs ;).

The story after reaching sunil’s house will be in the next blog.

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