Really classic..ultimate movie

Chokher Bali .. A Passion Play seeks to portray the role of a woman in a male jingoistic society. It is the story of a woman who is not ready to accept the dictates of brutal destiny as she aspires to make statements of her individuality in a man-dominated society.

Social dogmas do not cut much ice with Binodini, the film’s protagonist.
She is fallibly human, not infallibly divine. She loves, but betrays. She errs, then rectifies. She is pious, but has natural sexual desires. She was born like a virgin as all were, but she refuses to die as one.

And I personally like the endings very much..the last letter of binodini was really marvelous..i donot have words to describe it..
Really it was an awesome movie.

Ritupurno Ghosh..Thank you for giving us such a beautiful movie