Really when i look myself three years back from now, i feel surprised !!How was i able to manage so much sincerity those days ?

I used to get up at 4’o clock in the morning. I used to attend all the classes..I didnot bunk even any tutorials in the first semester.

Really I was very sincere those days.

And now there is a new pankaj here confessing in his own blog about the drastic change happend to his ways of living or leading life. These days i am doing nothing..really nothing..
Its not that i have nothing to do..classes , FYP, courses, Tutorials , my own projects etc A lots and lots of things to do .. but what am i doing ?

Bunking classes, listening to radio (vividh bharti), doin a lots and lots of bc with friends,watching movies have become the rule of the day.
Really i have changed a lot.
It is said that change is the law of nature but change like this..nay

I dont say that there should not be masti in life but at the cost
of studies ..never..also i am not in favour of becoming a bookworm
To me there should be a balance between masti and studies..